Let there be music!

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I decided to post these two songs obviously because they’re good, but mainly because I can relate to them!







Fresh Prince of Bel Air Nostalgia

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Once upon a time, approximately 16 or 17 years ago I used to attend middle school and one of my favorite things to come back home to was  “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” airing on some channel around supper time.  I still remember the lyrics to its theme song by heart, and honestly I believe I could watch all of the show’s episodes again without getting annoyed or bored.   Will and his silliness always managed to make me laugh out loud; Carleton’s dancing skills were nothing short of epic and each and every episode held some sort of life lesson.  God, I miss the 90’s…

So all of this to show you some neat video I found of this girl named Kay Pettigrew who gives “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song a folk revamping!  She makes the song sound excrutiatingly pretty…



Let there be music!!!

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Hasta luego, Facebook!

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Well, I have decided to permanently delete my Facebook account.  Why, you ask? Firstly, I noticed that it was slowly turning me into a stalker, lol.  Furthermore, I just couldn’t stop myself from checking all kinds of people out, comparing myself to them, particularly people whom in reality I didn’t care about.  Oh, and that stupid tagging feature… Seriously people?! I just can’t comprehend how some people deem it right to tag all sorts of pictures of their friends; pictures that not only make them look imbecilic, but incriminating drunken night pictures that, by the way, pretty much everybody can see.  Not good!   Where the has everybody’s conscience or common sense gone? Why should I care about everybody else is doing?  Why is it now common practice to gossip about people in regards to what they do and post on Facebook?  Are we literally allowing ourselves to lose all of our rights to privacy via Facebook? But mostly, have our lives become dull, vapid and bland to a point where we feel the need to spy on others in order to create excitement for ourselves?  If so, we, my friends are in big trouble…  After much pounding on these modern era “existential” questions, I have come to the decision to delete my Facebook account.

It is more important to concentrate on what is truly important to YOU.  What do YOU want out of life?  Where do YOU want to go? What do YOU want to see?  What do YOU deem important and cherish in life?  Stop wasting all of your time on Facebook; precious time that you cannot get back.  Precious time that you could be spending doing enriching things rather than sitting at your desk spying on people and their insipid posts; living vicariously through them.  Do not compare yourself to other people.  Do not act accordingly to other people’s expectations… Be YOU.  Facebook and its pro-conforming antics can only hurt you, your goals and your self-esteem.  Therefore, go ahead, go outside, travel and socialize… FOR REAL!  You will ultimately notice that doing the real thing is much more rewarding and exhilarating than “experiencing” it all via Facebook.  Besides, the people whom you genuinely care for know how to contact you and keep in touch with you, which consequently obliterates your need to have a Facebook account.  (This all applies to me too! 😛 )

Now, let’s see if I can not sign onto facebook for the next 14 days! hehehe!